Zaheea Anan is no longer dancing at Marrakech Morrocan Restaurant in Sacramento.

Although she was the featured dancer there for FIFTEEN YEARS, she's now moved on to bigger and better things.

Marrakech used to be a favorite spot for us to take friends and family, whether just for dinner or for special occasions. We held my dad's 75th birthday party there in 2003. That was the night I discovered Zaheea. She was so fun, so beautiful, and, omg, so talented. She made us feel like she was one of the sisters.

Although the food is okay (frankly, I prefer my own home-cooked ethnic cuisine) and the ambience fun, honestly, it was Zaheea that made that place so special. We've seen other dancers perform there and came away feeling rather, "Eh." Without Zaheea, there's no real reason for us to make Marrakech our go-to place anymore

I've spent my entire life around belly dancers. Zaheea is the BEST I'VE EVER SEEN! I am anxious to find out what her new schedule will hold. When I do find out, I'll post it here and hope that my readers make it out to see a most incredible performer.

Stay tuned!


april said...

omg is this u and chuck? i so did not see this photo before now.
are there more like this? if so, please share!

(and marakesh is stupid if they let her go)

mossum said...

Are you kidding me? No, that's not me. That's Z, c.2003.

april said...

if you were taller, this could be you i swear. the smiles are similar. (and your stomach has been that flat once or twice as i recall... ;)