Project (2009 Challenge)

What did you start this year that you're proud of?

This is a great topic for me. As you know, I'm all about the projects!

The year began with completion of one of the most significant DIY projects of my life (aside from making my kids). Bill and I completed work on our second investment house in the Fall of 2008, and in the first month of 2009 we managed to get it rented to a great couple. Even though our tired, old bodies are still suffering as a result of the work on those two houses last year, we couldn't be happier!

In spite of aching backs and arms, we wanted to buy another investment house right away, but it just wasn't to be. So I began fixing up my own house instead and - oh my - there is so, so much to do!

I've managed to get the dilapidated back yard fence replaced. Steve rebuilt the filter and waterfall for the pond. We've done a little primping here and there in the front yard, just to keep things presentable while that portion awaits more of our attention.

Over the winter, I'm focusing on the interior. I'm about halfway through repainting all the kitchen cabinets, finally covering the purple that was applied to the cabinet doors against my wishes. Now the cabinets are a beautiful, neutral cappuccino color inside and out. Voila - fresh and clean!

When that's finished, we'll repaint the purple back splash / dining room wall in a soft, mossy green. Then I'll tackle the flooring, replacing the old, ugly, cracked vinyl flooring with cork plank flooring, and, of course, the baseboards. That's an adventure in itself, since X flippin' GLUED THEM ON. You don't want to hear the blue language coming from the kitchen while I'm hacking and whittling, trying to free them from the base of the cabinets.

When this phase is complete, I'll probably start looking into new counters, sink and fixtures. With the new windows that are scheduled to be installed mid-January, I think it'll all look really great.

Thennnn....when the kitchen is done....I'll turn my attention on the bathrooms. They're both functional, but with wall coverings and fixtures that are nearly 30 years old, it's time.

Can you tell I'm all about the projects?
Didn't I warn you?

Meanwhile, I've been making drawings so that when The Universe drops about $100k in my lap (which, of course, it will), we'll dig a new pond, add a hardscape deck and hot tub, smoosh the two small bathrooms into one large one, and build out to add a new master suite and a den/office.

It'll be epic.

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