All I Want For Christmas is...

One of the blogs I haunt all year is called CakeWrecks. Ya gotta check it out if you haven't already. As if the photos weren't enough, the captions are a HOOT!

This month, at the end of each hilarious post about baking-gone-bad, the genius behind CakeWrecks is featuring a charity. One a day. You can read all about it here. And they're asking their readers to:

Give one dollar to each day's charity.

That's it - just one dollar per person. Is there a sole among us who cannot afford $31 bucks for charity this month? And they've made it very easy to make a donation by using this site:

** After clicking that link, you'll need to type cakewrecks in the search box. **

So....please....let's all stop giving each other useless crap for Christmas and do some good with our dollars.

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Tom Bailey said...

Humor and charity you have a great blog! Those are my types of topics. I am off to check out both blogs you recomend.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey