How To Change a Diaper

I failed to post this video with the others. This is Joel opening his gift from Koby - an emergency kit for new dads.

Packing Update

Cindy managed to get everything in their little Tiburon!

Landon's Baby Shower

Yesterday Steve and I hosted a baby shower for my oldest boy, Joel. He and Cindy are expecting their first child in November. It's a boy and his name will be Landon.

Everyone at the shower seemed to have a great time. We ate and drank and sweated in the Sacramento summer heat. We watched a video of the baby's sonogram, complete with circles and arrows and revealing details! We also took a group shot of the people at the shower who were also in attendance at Joel's birth back in 1982.
Back Row: Steve Wolowitz, Joel Musso, Te Franklin, Cory Franklin, Liz Franklin
Front Row: Debbi Wolowitz, Grandmimi, Bill McCabe
Blues Man Frankie Consulo sneaked into the picture!)

Joel and Cindy got lots of great loot - now they just need to figure out how to get it all back home!

Click here to see a veritable boatload of still shots from the soiree.

...and here are a few videos for your viewing enjoyment...