Happy Martyr's Day

The weather was perfect: 78 on Saturday, 80 with a slight breeze on Sunday. Having done most of my prep work Friday afternoon, I was ready for the Martyr's Day Feast!

Lamb Shish Kebab

Pear and Filo Torte

Cheese Boreg & Hye coffee

We had salad, too, but that was boring so I didn't take any pictures of it. I also grilled some chicken breasts for the odars.

Cory came up from Modesto.
Koby and Brooke came over from Davis.

Pomegranate Shish Kebab

Here's what my kitchen would look like if it had granite counters, new cabinets, white appliances, and a bald Armenian guy cooking shish kebab.

This sounds like a yummy recipe... different, of course, from Derif's. I think I'll give this a try next time I make shish kebab. As mentioned, you can get the recipe from ArmenianKitchen.com!

What are YOU planning for April 24th??