I have new neighbors

I knew I should have bitten the bullet and bought that little house right behind me but I hesitated and an investor swooped it up (for a SONG, people!) and now I have redneck renters living within 80 yards of my bedroom/office window. They like to start partying outside at about 4:00 PM and they don't like to go to bed until sometimes 3:00 in the morning. They hoot and they holler and they have (friendly) yelling arguments and the smoke and smoke and smoke their cigarettes. I'm pretty sure they're using bullhorns and getting right up against the fence and blowing all that stinky smoke right toward my bedroom window because now - now that the weather is amazing and the evenings are breezy and wonderful - I am uncomfortable hanging out in my own (amazing) back yard and I can't go to sleep without shutting all my windows to keep out the noise and the stink. FML

What they're probably really like
How they seem to me by 10:00 PM