Washed, dried and folded 1,242 tablecloths.
Brooke & Corey got married.
Corbin & Nancy got engaged.
PAP normal - yay, another year without cancer.
Oh, but wait - mammo abnormal.
Right hand surgery.
Mother's Day - text only from Nancy and Corbin.
Came down with massive cold/bronchitis.
Angie's husband died.
Mammo re-check - mammo, mammo, ultrasound, biopsy, mammo.
Pause 2 days.
All clear.
Three year anniversary of Dad's death.
Steve moved out. I kept Lydia.
Doobert transport - Steve had to help because of my surgery.
Sick as a dead pig.
Stitches removed - healing well.
Picked Lainie up from airport. Loaned her my car for a week.
Mike's memorial (couldn't go; still sick + no car).
My 59th birthday. Text from Brooke first thing in morning, and from Corbin last thing at night.
In re severe depression, made appointment for psych intake/evaluation.
Treated to dinner by Steve, Lydia and Bill.
Janet turned 33.
Joel & Janet's 3rd anniversary.
Still coughing.
Took Lainie to airport.

Working hard to hold up that patio roof

Confused as to why it's all my responsibility


Life's been wacky so I haven't written much lately. Steve and I have been having some really great conversation lately, studying and evaluating who we each are right now, what we want from our individual lives, and how all of that is reflected in our relationship. I dated; it ended. He's dating; the jury is out. Whatever happens, we're cool with each other.

As for DIY, I have a couple of small projects in the works but am not yet ready to post pictures. I'm rebuilding a garden bench that rotted out and ditto a wind chime that kept losing more pieces every time there was a strong wind. Both of those projects are nearing completion.

I've also been working on producing a genealogy report for my second cousin. It took three weeks of fairly intense work to make it reader-friendly and then said cousin had to cancel our planned visit for this past weekend. Oh well. It's ready for the next visit.

I continue to pine for Armenia but haven't yet found anyone willing and financially able to go with me this year.

There was something wonky in the universe, I'm pretty sure, over the past several weeks. I managed my way through a pretty deep depressive episode and I've heard from others in the world who were experiencing the same thing at the same time (completely unrelated to my own life). Thankfully, it is now lifting. Yay.

Here's a face for you:

Rifle Forend Cap

is devastated by the gunshot