President’s/Presidents/Presidents’ Day Trivia Quiz

Original painting "Callin' the Blue" by Andy Thomas

Which of the following statements is true?

(A) Jacqueline Kennedy, upon realizing her husband’s eye was wandering, discreetly contacted Marilyn Monroe and paid her to provide speech lessons so that she could woo back her husband’s affections with that same breathy, seductive quality for which Marilyn was famous.

(B) One 19th century president was a sworn enemy of the United States and has a grandson who is still alive today.

(C) While running for office along with vice-presidential candidate John Tyler, William Henry Harrison’s famous campaign slogan was derived from his nickname, Tippy Canoe. The nickname was given to him by his Yale college chums, teasing him for being the one man on the rowing team who always tipped the boat over in the water.

(D) George Washington was the first President of the United States.

Grandhog Day

Last weekend I took my three year old grandson to the science museum. The same place I had taken my son – his daddy – when he was three. The day was clear with a crisp chill in the air. Landon was wrapped in the same coat my son had worn. We walked the same nature trail and threw stones into the same pond. He climbed on the same playground equipment. We sat at the same picnic table, snacking on apples and cheese, just what his daddy liked at that age. Although nearly thirty years separated the two visits, it was as though no time at all had passed.