15 Meditations on 2010

  1. Not being on Facebook means that only people who really care enough to keep in touch will keep in touch.
  2. Gifts given with obligation attached are no fun for the recipient, nor for the giver.
  3. Hitting the Delete key is easier, cleaner, and nicer than lecturing people on what not to send me.
  4. There are those of us who continue to think crazy people can become un-crazy. That rarely works, but we just can't seem to let go of hope until we're damn good and ready. I get it.
  5. It's imperative to consider your audience when speaking.
  6. My most strenuous forms of exercise are silence and detachment.
  7. Everything is an offshoot of the degree to which we fear.
  8. My body is God. I know this because it laughs when I tell it my plans.
  9. I like two slices of lime in my gin & tonic.
  10. Every kid should have someone who is irrationally committed to their future. (Stolen from Tony Danza's mom.)
  11. You can unsubscribe and filter junk email, but there is no possible way to opt out of junk snail mail.
  12. Some people are really hard not to stab.
  13. It's much better to risk the judgment of others by continuing to ask questions until you understand than it is to pretend.
  14. I have the courage to be vulnerable and imperfect.
  15. It is what it is, but it is also what it is not.