...are confused as to why I'm taking their picture.

Being Creative

I've been picking up free to cheap toys and making these things.

I'm Fancy Now

 Old cutting board. Stained and gross. Came with the house, so 36 years old.

New cutting board!
Thank you, Corbin!!!

Really Excited Jet Ski + Bathroom Update

The mudding - sanding - repeat process takes a goodly amount of time. The 4th coat of mud was applied just yesterday and I simultaneously made a decision about the door.

The previous door opened INTO the bathroom, which is already about the size of a phone booth. I originally thought I would replace it with a pocket door, but while installing the additional outlet I was able to see inside the wall that would house the door while open. In my opinion, there were too many studs and electrical connections in there. I didn't feel like moving all that so I've decided to use a mirrored barn door.

Demolition of door frame:


 The ultimate goal:

I will only need to buy the hardware, as any of these will be easy for me to make. Full length mirrors on both sides will provide the illusion of expansion as well as dressing glass.


Day Five (after ? days break)

 Patch and seal where tiles were removed.

 Mud to bring patch level with the rest.

 Walls sanded.

 First coat of mud applied as far up as I can reach.

Steve has volunteered to be on the hook for the upper mudding 
and the sanding that has to happen between each coat of mud.

Four New Faces

 Ghostly browning butter

 Terrified dryer

 Basketball victim

Satisfied orchid pot



Looks like there was half a tree in there after all.

Accent tiles had to be removed.
These were placed there years ago to cover up where water had made the drywall mushy.

Ready for mud.

Pancan-Vargas - Musso Wedding 6/17/2017

So many favorite photos, it was hard to pick less than 1,000 to post here! This wedding was so filled with love.