Day Five (after ? days break)

 Patch and seal where tiles were removed.

 Mud to bring patch level with the rest.

 Walls sanded.

 First coat of mud applied as far up as I can reach.

Steve has volunteered to be on the hook for the upper mudding 
and the sanding that has to happen between each coat of mud.

Four New Faces

 Ghostly browning butter

 Terrified dryer

 Basketball victim

Satisfied orchid pot



Looks like there was half a tree in there after all.

Accent tiles had to be removed.
These were placed there years ago to cover up where water had made the drywall mushy.

Ready for mud.

Pancan-Vargas - Musso Wedding 6/17/2017

So many favorite photos, it was hard to pick less than 1,000 to post here! This wedding was so filled with love.

Bivens-Southerland Wedding 5/5/2017

Some more photos from Brooke and Corey's ab-fab wedding.....

Master Bath Remodel Has Begun

Eager to lose that 1980's linoleum!


Removed all decor. Opened wall and ran cable for new, additional electrical outlet.

To avoid studs at inside corner, had to open wall on bedroom side too.


Cabling complete; outlet tests perfect.


Vanity, toilet removed.

Remember the tree we pulled out of the front bathroom?
Oh crap! [pardon the pun] I went to link that to the older post and found out I'd never actually posted it. So here's a short video of the tree being extracted from the front bathroom.


Well, no one can say I don't have a green thumb bum.

It was happening here too, but just getting started. Beautiful, ain't it?

~ to be continued ~