Two weddings and a funeral

My favorite photo from Brooke and Corey's Cinco de Mayo wedding.
It was a fun one!

My favorite photo from Koby and Nancy's June 17 wedding. 
So much joy and happiness this day, I just don't have words!

My favorite two photos on display at Alice Una'Dia's July 29 memorial.
R.I.P., Granny Goose.

Don't assume my chicken's gender

Originally dubbed Beyoncé Jr., my chicken had become completely sun-faded in the years s/he sat guarding my front door. I decided it was time to bring color back into our lives, so Lydia and I broke out every single jar of nail polish we had and started painting. After she painted the comb and wattle red, it occurred to both of us - "Hey! This isn't a Beyoncé; this is a boy chicken!"

Behold Henrí. He's transgender.

Front Yard Makeover

 45 blocks; two pickup loads.

 Vinegar every other day for a week.

 Plastic, and then layers of newspapers.

 Mulch from the local tree-shredders.
One-third complete!

 Got up at 4:30 to beat the heat. Forgot the sun doesn't come up until 6:00.
Got to this point by 7:15.

~ FIN ~

Big thanks to Bill and Steve for all their help!