Ad (2009 Challenge)

What advertisement made you think this year?

Here's my top list of ads from 2009. These made me think - in one direction or another. You think for yourself:

#10 - Every one of the "every kiss begins with Kay" or "he went to Jared" ads.

#9 - All patient-directed pharmaceutical ads. Here's an interesting summation from UCD (although I fear Dr. Kravitz may be dipping into his own stash of samples).

#8 - All  of  Target's  2-Day  Sale  ads.

#7 - Jack-In-The-Box's "2 for 99" commercial. I just love Jack's ads.

#6 - "Sonic Drive-In's Hear Me With Your Ears ad".

#5 - PETA's banned Super Bowl ad. (NBC said it 'depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards at NBC'.)

#4 - Promo for "This Is It".

#3 - St. Jude Children's Hospital ads. All of them.

#2 - Sarah McLaughlin's Animal Cruelty ad.

#1 - The utmost WTFruit?! ad this year definitely has to be the “get your girlfriend a pap smear” campaign.

You've got to be fudgin' kidding me. And for our Jewish kin:

Listen, schmear-monger, if you want to light up my menorah, it ain't gonna happen with a speculum!

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