The best place (2009 Challenge)

A coffee shop? A pub? A retreat center? A cubicle? A nook?

I have a chair. I call it my time-out chair. It's in the corner of the room recently vacated by my youngest son, my last child to leave the nest.

Complemented by a table to hold my tea cup, a floor lamp that came all the way from Michigan, and a spare pair of reading glasses, this chair is always ready to receive my weary ass.

Sometimes I don't read there.

Sometimes I just sit.

My chair is large enough to allow me to curl up with my feet under me, and small enough so that I feel wrapped in a cocoon. I can chat with friends or simply enjoy my solitude. The wing back style allows me to fall asleep without falling out.

My time-out chair represents My Zone. When I'm in that chair, in that room, I feel at peace.

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