After a month of unemployment, Koby started his new job at a rubber supply company last week. It sounds mind-numbingly boring to me, measuring and cutting rubber hoses for custom orders, but whatever - it's a paycheck! He comes home tired and with dirty hands, but he says he's enjoying the people and the productivity of the job.

Steve started his first California job today. He's working at Mather AFB for Atlantic Aviation, refueling airplanes and doing various other airplane-related stuff. He's so excited, he could bust! He loves working around airplanes and airports, and he says the people are cool and there's a ton of information to learn. This job is just what the doctor ordered for him!

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Anonymous said...

That'll teach me to check your family blog more often; I hadn't heard of either of these new gigs. Congrats to the bacon-bringer-homers!!