Cousins Rock

As promised, we got to visit with Beth and Craig this weekend. We had a great dinner up at La Quinta (Dad & Margaret's abode), attended also by Brooke, Liz, Marshall & Judy, and Judy's mom, Ruth. There was (naturally) an abundance of good eats, thanks to Margaret The Great, and some really fun music and dancing! Although I couldn't get Dad to belly dance with me (he was tired from working on the roof all morning), I did get Beth, Liz and Brooke up and shakin' their booties!

On Sunday, before they left Sacramento, Beth & Craig came by Chez Hedonism and spent a few hours lounging in the living room with me and Steve. I was so glad to have that time with them, reconnecting and telling tales.

Craig & Beth are both very sweet and look like a couple out of a magazine. Very cute!!! All grown up and married now, Beth celebrated her birthday with all of us this weekend. Let me tell you, she's doing forty-something very well! (Sorry, Beth. I know I only saw you last time a few years ago, but I will always remember you as a teensy baby!)

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