What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Steve and I had a rather hectic, but fun, vacation to Oregon and Washington. We drove the whole way, not only to save a few bucks, but so that he could survey the sites around Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

Without giving a complete blow-by-blow, we spent one night with Mom in Sutherlin, Oregon. The next couple of nights were spent in Corvallis, Oregon, with Lainie and Paul. We got to see two films at Paul's theater: The Fall (omg, this film is So Great!) and Man On Wire.

Then we took Lainie with us and went up to Washington. After wandering a most-cool bookstore, we left her in the hands of friends in Seattle, then we took the car on the ferry to Bremerton where we had a faboo Italian dinner with Peter & Amber, Leslie & Jeff and Pat, as well as Amber's two sons. After one night in Bremerton, and breakfast with Leslie at the bakery where she works in Silverdale, it was back to Seattle for a couple of days playing tourist.

Finally, on Saturday, we got to Linda's house. This was actually the impetus for our trip - to meet Roberto and his kids, Ricardo and Noemi; to finally meet in person Greg (my evil twin); and to have that time with Linda before she moves to Italy. She made hummus and patlijan and tabbouleh; I made luleh kebabs. I only mention this because it is, of course, all about the food. We were so happy that Dale and Zoie were able to come, too, and we got to meet Linda's friends, Fawn and Nancy, and their twin babies. Unfortunately, Laurie and Beth weren't able to join us that evening (but we got to see Beth the following weekend here in Sacramento).

On Sunday, before picking Lainie up for the trip back to Corvallis, Steve and I had some time to kill so we went to Kubota Garden. It was perfectly lovely! We had a doggie bag of the previous night's leftovers, and enjoyed a peaceful brunch in the park.

The drive home turned adventurous when a rather sudden cloudburst eliminated all visibility for what was probably 10 seconds but felt like 10 minutes while we were hurtling down I-5. Paul, who was next to us on his Harley, had to pull off and sit at a rest stop with a gaggle of other travelers until the storm passed. Eventually, we all made it back to Corvallis safely.

The last evening of our visit we chose to forgo the rushing around and just spend the evening relaxing and chatting. It was quiet and very nice.

Steve and I drove all the next day to get home. *whew*

Complete photo album for Seattle trip is here
Our Kubota Garden visit is documented here.

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