Two Catmasses are better than one [UPDATED]

I was incredibly happy to have been invited to join Joel and his family for Thanksgiving this year.

Since I wouldn't be driving down again in a month, we also opened Christmas presents while I was there. The kids each got science stuff and Lego mugs, among other things. They seemed thrilled!

Landon, Wesley and Cale learned about the gyroscope

While Cale showed Grandma Mimi how fast he can get down the stairs

Before I left town the day after our celebrations, Landon read me a story.

Dec 25 happened at my place. Corbin and Nancy joined me and Steve, and Lydia who recently moved back in with us (yay!). I made a meal of chicken Marsala with wilted spinach and linguini, while Lydia made molasses crinkles and Nancy made lemon bars. It was really fun, all of us cooking together, tripping over each other (not sarcasm) in the kitchen.

I crocheted a brain cap for Corbin

Nancy was pleased with her Post Secret book

Lydia loves birds and got two books about owls

Steve got some comfy new slippers 

And an oddly appropriate custom coffee mug

I got warm, squishy socks

And Corbin made me The Most Beautiful cutting board!

Kashi slept through it all

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