The devil is in the details

The walls are done. They have to be done. For the last coat of paint, I purchased another gallon of the ice blue and then toned it down a little at home by mixing in a wee bit o' gray. I love the new toned-down color, but knowing it would be difficult to recreate I had to call the painting quits (stop obsessing about tiny imperfections) when I ran out.

The different is indiscernible in the photo, I'm sure.

Next step is to finish up the door casings. I've painted one coat of white-white-white on those that remained in place; they need a second coat. I've purchased enough new casing material to replace the pieces that had to be removed to accomplish the remudding and repainting. But before I paint them, I needed to tame imperfections on the reveals.

Gunky door casings                           I love my MultiMax!                             Pretty in paint

Fast forward -- I finished painting/repainting all door casings. I was all excited to remove the paint tape...and then this happened.


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