The fat lady is preparing to sing

The 10th coat of acrylic went on yesterday. It dries to the touch in 15-20 minutes, can start being gently used in 12-18 hours, and after 3 months will be cured to a hard, clear finish.

 Taken in the daytime, unlike the other photos that required color adjustment, 
this is an unretouched representation of the counters IRL.

I'm able to put my coffee maker and toaster on it each morning but am not planning to leaving them in place until several more days have passed. I don't want to run any risk of indentations or permanent scratches in the finish.

After being without a sink for a month now, it's really not difficult for us to work around this constraint. And I'm pretty sure we'll get a giant cardboard check and a Mylar balloon bouquet from the County for being The Most Frugal Water Customers on our block during this drought!

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