In the home stretch

After multiple mishaps requiring triage and more glue, this morning I finally got the counters into a state ready to receive the acrylic coating. This is the long-shot view after three coats of acrylic (sanding in between):

And here is what it looks like close up:

It pretty much looks exactly like the bathroom floor. I like how it's turning out and will keep applying acrylic tomorrow and the next day until I get at least six, maybe 10, coats on there. Only then will I feel like the finish is really protected and durable.

PS: Yes, this has taken longer than anticipated. The big joke around here now is that I can finish the project in an evening. I'm just not saying which evening.

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Angry working man said...

After it's coated, you should sand it and buff it to a mirror shine. Or perhaps spread out coins and cover it with thick clear epoxy. Like those tacky diner tables.