O, Sousanna, don't you cry for me!

Well, coincidentally, the letter from World Vision arrived today. It says, "Sousanna is no longer available for child sponsorship. Her family has moved out of the region as part of a resettlement plan organized by the local government. At times, families like Sousanna's are relocated to different areas for social or economic reasons."

Yikes. A very ominous statement considering we're talking about Armenia. Steve says I shouldn't fret - they were probably just being disruptive.

So, moving right along, Koby and I sat down at the computer tonight and picked a new pook. Meet...


This little doll is just two years old. She was born in June of 2007.

Nazeli lives with her parents and one brother. Her father is a driver who struggles to provide for the family.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. Is she the most adorable little Armenian you ever saw??

Anonymous said...

Great Scot...My molars just caved in.
Can I send her some stuff too? Like, maybe, my stock portfolio, and my 401k? Perhaps my car keys and the deed to my first home...