I've been un-pooked!

World Vision World Vision
Dear Mimi,

The World Vision office in Armenia has notified us that your sponsored child, Sousanna Hakobyan, is no longer participating in World Vision's sponsorship program. Please watch for a letter in the mail that will provide more details, and take a few moments to look through the information enclosed with the letter.

We know that it can be sad when a sponsorship relationship ends. Through gifts, correspondence and shared prayers, many sponsors develop close relationships with their sponsored children. We want to thank you for your generosity and commitment to Sousanna. Please know that your love and support have made a difference in the life of this precious child.

photo Watch your mail for more detailed information

Well, I didn't exactly have a relationship with Sousanna yet, but this is sad in a way, and I just hope that her dis-association with the program means that she and her family have risen above their poverty and are doing well. If I learn more once I receive the correspondence from World Vision, I'll post an update, Regardless, I'll pick another pook.

Stay tuned...

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