Reality takes a holiday

Much to my chagrin, and the chagrin of most everyone I know, the Tweeting Cheeto will be inaugurated at the end of this week.

On Friday I plan to attend a group meditation downtown. The focus will be encourage wisdom, compassion, and loving kindness for ourselves, our neighbors, our government leaders and the world.

After the meditation I will join a group of like-minded protesters for the Not My President protest. I am trying hard to achieve "Yes, in fact he will be my president and I need to want him to succeed because if he fails we all fail," but I'm not there yet.

On Saturday I will be participating in the Women's March, Sacramento style. 

While I agree that protests won't prevent the Orange Ball of Anger and Lies from being sworn in*, I just felt like I couldn't sit still for this bullshit. If you feel the same, I encourage you to hit the internet and find your local events. Get out and participate!

*Think he'll have his fingers crossed?

And on that note...

I will miss the Obamas so, so, ever-so-much. Thanks, Obama.

#NotMyPresident, #WomensMarch, #ThanksObama

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