Pilgrim's Progress (which was surely slow since they didn't have cars back then)

I've spent the past couple of weeks using wood putty and sandpaper to nurse the existing trim boards around the doors and cupboards in the hallway back into some semblance of non-shittiness. There were four we just HAD to remove because the tiny bit of wall space around them would have just been too difficult to work on, but I didn't want to replace more trim than absolutely necessary. So I've ever-so-slowly been re-molding the moulding.

At one point, I encountered a nail that had worked its way out. I tenderly tapped it back in with a hammer and the trim board suddenly split from the floor to about 10 inches up. After evening rumination, I decided I could fix that too. Sorry I didn't take a before pic, but the after shows that

I can build an entire perfect house from wood putty! 

I'll post another after it's painted. Hopefully the repair will be invisible.

Having completed that, and all the sanding to follow, and all the wipe-down and vacuuming following that, I spent two days applying the primer. It had to be split into two days because of all the up-and-down on the ladder. My stupid broken body just couldn't complete the job in one day but eventually it got done. Then...

Thanks to the primer, I could then see every spot that was still sub-par. Try as I might to accept mediocrity, I just can't. As it turns out, Steve admitted he did THREE coats of mud in his "little room" whereas I only had TWO coats on the hall before priming. Yesterday I mixed up a new batch of mud and went after it again.

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