Makin' Messes - It's What I Do

Tyvek-type fabric was used to protect the (dismantled) light fixtures from the mess. I didn't want to completely remove them because we'll need the light to work in this dark space.

The sky continued to fall. (It didn't really take that long at all; I just wanted to give credit where credit was due.)

Afterward it looked like a bird had pooped down the front of the linen cupboard.

The chair rail is now gone. The hallway was the only placed in the house with chair rail, and why? No one puts chairs in the hallway.

Popcorn was everywhere!!!

Bailey was somewhat flummoxed.

Since two of the doors that open to the hall have already been refinished, and since we discovered what a mess happened in the linen cupboard when we started this work without protecting it, we decided to wrap that cupboard and the two finished doors before proceeding. Brilliant.

So now the ball is in Steve's court. He will start sanding, mudding, sanding, mudding and sanding the ceiling and walls. I won't start the floor until that's all done and painted but I have at least one and maybe two volunteers to help with the papering. Which is vastly appreciated since my feeb self breaks for 3 days if I spend longer than about 15 minutes crouched on the ground.

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