His Own Freedom March

Koby finally quit his job today.

He completed his certification as a gunsmith this past November and since then all he's wanted to do is leave behind his back-breaking, soul-crushing job as a hosehead and use his gunsmithing and artistic talents as a means to pay the mortgage and put food on the table. After five years of stoically enduring bullying and general ass-hattedness, he was able to resign his position today and he did so with grace and professionalism.

Koby was approached a couple of months ago by a local gun dealer looking to add someone with the skill and knowledge Koby could bring to the table. They've been working jobs here and there together since then, and today Koby was finally offered full time work by this gentleman. As of September 1, he will be a full-time, gainfully employed gunsmith!!

Kudos to you, CCFM. You did it!

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Here are some examples of the work Koby's been doing lately, and the descriptions in his own words:

Kimber 1911, .45 caliber.  Was rusty, now, isn't.

Dragon was painted on a Springfield sa-xd 9mm.

Purple woodland camo on a J.R. 9mm carbine.

Revolver needed a shine.  

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