Peeves & Pleasures

20 things that annoy me:
  1. Picture links on shopping sites that say "Enlarge" but when you click them you get a picture the same size as the first one.
  2. Websites that require you to enter text into fields but the cursor doesn't start in the first field, and sites where you have to fill in a specific number of characters in a specific set of fields, (e.g., a phone number or a social security number separated into three distinct fields) but the cursor doesn't jump to the next field when you fill the one behind it.
  3. People who get dogs and then leave them outdoors, lonely and in the sun all day. And barking.
  4. Western medicine. Except when it saves my life.
  5. Being hungry and overweight at the same time. No fair!
  6. People who let their sprinklers run overtime and/or who let their sprinklers run while it's raining.
  7. The uppity.
  8. Hypocrites, procrastinators, and game-players.
  9. Certain people. Certain other people know who those people are.
  10. Not being able to find the time to read and write more.
  11. Working until midnight and still having 200 emails in my inbox that need to be read/analyzed/processed/responded to; looking forward to my three-day/birthday weekend simply so I can get caught up on work.
  12. Facebook. Twitter. Klout.
  13. The world assuming everyone is on Facebook and Twitter.
  14. Fear-mongering and TSA theatrics.
  15. Clutter.
  16. Loud, stupid, drunk people.
  17. People who try to get their agenda all over me.
  18. Huell Howser.
  19. My cat hornking loudly when I'm on a speaker phone call.
  20. Not having my strong, cute, healthy young body anymore.

More than 20 things that way-opposite-of-annoy me
  1. Kittens and babies.
  2. SkyMall catalogs. FUN!
  3. The smell of a lemon tree in full blossom.
  4. Freshly washed grown men.
  5. The writing of Andy Borowitz.
  6. Living in "the future" where one can be cured of cancer "just like that" (insert finger snap here) and one can watch TV shows online at one's convenience and one can see one's grandchild in real time even when miles apart.
  7. Ice comes out of the door of my fridge whenever I want it to!
  8. Receiving correspondence from my kidz.
  9. Neighbors I don't know personally who nevertheless waive when I drive up the street.
  10. Receiving expressions of appreciate from those in power at work.
  11. The kind of pepperoni that Round Table uses.
  12. Citrus air fresheners - the ones that are common in public restrooms. Love 'em.
  13. My metal chicken. (Knock Knock MFer!)
  14. Nursing seeds through germination and beyond.
  15. Tabla.
  16. My loinfruit.
  17. Serenity.
  18. Salads with pickled beets, feta, and almonds.
  19. Avocados pretty much any way I can get them.
  20. The Davenport being my "home away from home" ...
    and I don't have to pay a dime for it!
  21. The Long Island Ice Teas at Q'bole.
  22. Wonderful won ton soup.
  23. Mikuni.
  24. Kufta.
  25. Looking at / buying / rehabbing houses.
  26. A cup of really good, hot coffee.
  27. Cinnamon.
  28. Kindness.
  29. Sleep.

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