Again, why I do it

Amidst the adorable grandson pictures and the family anecdotes and newsy updates, I do like to bring y'all back 'round now and again to the center. I want to remind you of how fortunate you are to take so much for granted and give you some insight into my soul and why  I do  what  I do.

This 18 minute video of a TED talk by Sheryl WuDunn speaks of the global inequity that causes such suffering among my gender. Go ahead, grab a sandwich and watch this video, then tell me what you think.

During that speech WuDunn refers to a girl whose family managed to parlay a $120 charitable donation into a college education for their daughter. The story became the subject of a children's book titled Beatrice's Goat. The goat in question was donated through Heifer International, a cause I've long supported. You'll find a link to their site at the top of the Click Me section over there

Look, I get it that we all have our woes and troubles. We're paying too much in taxes, relationships heap drama upon us, the toast burned and the cat hawked up a hairball. But aren't we all feeling pretty safe and secure? Is there one among us who isn't confident that we're not going to starve or have to sleep in the rain? That we will, whether through our own means or with the help of family, be able to provide for our children? I mean really.

Just want everyone to keep some perspective.

< /rant >

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