Grandma's not used to this

Day 1 - Thursday:
Landon is here. I had him to myself today from about 1:30 on. Did this afternoon really last three days? Cuz I'm exhausted. This little pistol kept me running and my reward at the end of the day was to get peed on.

Day 2 - Friday:
Thank goddess Brooke is out of school and is willing to come and help! I bought a little stroller so we can take Landon for a walk in the evenings.

He's like a little greased-up water-weenie in the bathtub.

Day 3 - Saturday:
Today we went to Shingle Springs to visit Great Grandpa and Great Margaret.

Even with two of us to share the Landon-wrangling, we're both exhausted at the end of the day. Landon has had a great time splashing in the sprinklers and the bathtub. The wiggling stops only when he's sleeping!

Day 4 - Sunday:
Brooke's gone home. Landon's gone to Grandpa Dave's. This week will be interesting. Landon will come back Tuesday afternoon, giving me time to get through a few conference calls and get some work done. Then he'll go to Koby and Brooke's place for a day or two. Joel will be up on Friday to retrieve his son and spend the weekend with family. I'm looking forward to that.

The house is quiet now. I'm exhausted, but miss the little stinker already. Heck, I missed him as soon as I handed him over to Dave!


april said...

he is so funny. loved watching his hair floating in the water...and how fab does our ms. brookie look hmmnn? brava sister friend. i am glad J is coming this weekend. family time will be good for you all.

p.s. have no ideer why i had to re-add u as a friend. weerd...

Lainie said...

Great post! Great photos! Great video to show his first GF!