Serial Poopers

For some unknown reason, several serial pooper stories have crossed my desk recently. In an attempt to bring the world just a wee bit closer to whirled peas, today I'm republishing something I wrote back in April of 2006. I hope it helps.


Some people's heads are chock full of steaming piles of anger and negativity. Their brains are much too small to contain it all, so they must release it or they just might explode.

What these people do, then, is go through the world pooping all over everyone around them. They bitch and yell at other drivers. They frequently cross over the rudeness threshold with the staff of any business they enter. They complain incessantly. They send nasty emails and leave snarky comments on blogs.

Such people are commonly, aptly, referred to as "shitheads."

I am determined not to be a shithead, so I try very, very hard to have an Olympic level of patience with people like this. I try to remember that it is they who are miserable and that I have no obligation (or desire!) to soak up any of that misery from them.

My Pollyanna attitude doesn't seem to make any positive change in them, but I do believe it protects me from the toxicity they're attempting to spread.


And now that you've had your dose of sugar today, here's a cherry to top it off.

See? Notwithstanding the declaration on the tee shirt, how can anyone be poopy after seeing a grin like that?

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