An Addition To Our Family!

In fulfilling one of my two major goals this year, we are adding a member to our family.

is 11 years old and in 6th grade where her favorite subject is Foreign Languages. She lives in Armenia with her mother and one brother. She helps at home by working with her mother doing household tasks. She likes to play with dolls. She is in satisfactory health. Her mother takes care of the household and struggles to provide for the family. Despite her efforts, it is difficult to meet the family's needs.

Sousanna is growing up in a poor community in Armenia. Due to the 1988 earthquake that destroyed the city, housing is still very impaired and decaying. Apartments have bad sanitation and no heat when it is needed. The usual diet consists of potatoes, bread, noodles, beans, oil and greens. Meat and fruit are scarce. It is generally mild in the summer but winters can be harsh.

Sousanna becomes the second pook in my Pookfolio. Many of you dear readers (perhaps all three of you) are familiar with my long-standing pook, Geghetsik.

turned 12 in January of this year. She, too, is in the 6th grade. She loves Math and wants to become a physician. In spite of some bouts of tonsillitis, she’s been able to stay healthy. Her dad got treatment for his hernia and is back to work, helping to support the family.

We’ve been able to sponsor a tree planting event in Geghetsik’s village, as well as provide some refurbishing of the meager school facilities. In addition to planting (and naming!) the trees, the village kids got together and cleaned up the play areas for the kindergarteners. In return they received new clothing, backpacks and school supplies.

Geghetsik wrote me that she has been receiving lessons in human rights, democracy and…wait for it…cow insemination! “Some children went to the summer camp and returned much inspired.” (I’ll just bet they did.)

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