Positivity is Weird?

That's sad. No, not that someone is hugging their shipments before sending them out into the world. It's sad that something that's intended to send out positive energy is thought of and referred to as "weird."

I was "blessed" with very good brain chemistry. I'm a "glass is half full" kind of person. Although I do try to be sensitive to others who have more negative synapses bouncing around, I think of my encounters with them as an opportunity to spread some of my good juju.

As long as I can remember -- not always, but more commonly than I would hope -- my positivity has been met with either suspicion ("What's she hiding?") or condescension ("She's nuts if she thinks everyone can just flip a switch and be happy.")

Why is it you're crazy if you're smiling, singing or humming while pushing your shopping cart?

Why is it so zany to wave all your fingers at your neighbors?

Why is it offensive or insensitive to speak positively about your finances, your child's birth, your relationship with your teen...?

It would seem to me that it is because SOME PEOPLE LOVE TO BE VICTIMS. Not me, and I'm sure not you, but most people. And if you even suggest to these people that they can magically eschew victimhood, negativity, depression, they scoff. At the very least.

If my mood or my words, which are clearly not shooting out of me like weapons, seem to you at first to be crazy, unusual, offensive or insensitive, is it because they threaten a paradigm you hold about yourself? Can you not just try them on to see if they fit?

I'm not saying that everyone has to be like me (although that would ROCK!). It's just that I know this concept has been true for me in my own experience. When I felt offended or threatened by someone else, it was an opportunity for me to dissect that experience. Try it on. Keep it if I like it; return it if I don't. No big deal.



Anonymous said...

I love this. Really. It's just perfect! Thank you for saying all of it.

Anonymous said...

Mimi, reading your blog creates the same sort of effect that some people get from meditation.

"Annie Maugham"